Who we are

MOD is the biggest company-manager in Italy. Our goal is to provide the entrepreneurship with the tools for a more efficient business management. We measure our success by the degree to which the company, with our support, will be able to proceedindependently, using the acquired know-how.

Our managerial competenceis the main asset that allows us to intervene immediately and solve company’s problems, together with the ability to understand the way of thinking of the customer and his needs.

Our approach is always oriented to obtain the cooperation of all company stakeholders, banks, suppliers, employees, directors, partners, etc. For these reasons we ask and we guarantee maximum transparency, correctness and completeness in the management of information flows.


Extraordinary times require extraordinary knowledge and experience, such as the dynamics of the crisis and the search of the best allies or exceeded the legal instruments provided by the new bankruptcy law that are intended to facilitate the consolidation of companies.

For this reason, we have created a strategic division devoted to companies which find themselves in a moment of crisis. In this division there are managers who have acquired significant experience of government and companies who have already experienced – professionally and humanly – the start, evolution and the solution of the crisis.

Every crisis involves the opportunities and the purpose of the division CM & C is to seize them, helping to reorganize efficiently and stable company, laying the groundwork for its revival in collaboration with entrepreneurs and managers. To overcome the crisis, and the easing of tensions with the stakeholders (suppliers, banks, employees), our manager may assume the role of CRO (Chiefrestructuringofficer) freeing the management structure of the company for thistype of problem and allowing to stay focused on the activity routine. Facilitating management processes of discontinuity represents an important signal to validate a healing process.



  • Management
  • Startup
  • Generationalchange
  • Turnaround
  • Internationalization
  • Research of strategicpartnershipsProtection of credit risk
  • Selection, arrangement and enhancement of human resources
  • Searching for new markets to maximize the value of the products or servicesmarketed
  • Improvement of corporate reputation, alsothrough the use of social media
  • Strategic and operational management of the extraordinarytransactions (mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, etc.)


MOD workssince 2011 in everyindustry. In the pastyearswehelped PMI in the followingindustries:

  • Publishing & Internet Typographic
  • Housing Corporation PharmaceuticalMechanical&ElectronicsEngineering
  • Logistics
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Postal Services Tourism Finance
  • Trade

Founding Partners

Francesco Melidoni
Marco Rossini
Claudio Catalani